Hi. I like wrestling. I hope you do too.

Everyone says I could be a blogger. I like writing. I’m horribly lazy though so last time this didn’t work. Here’s to a solid second try.  I hope to share my Indy wrestling experience with anyone who cares to read. Katie and I go to shows any Saturday I can find local (with 4 hours drive) shows. It’s fun. And rather than keep that fun to myself, I’m going to see about sharing it. And being critical with what I see.

It’s a stupid disclaimer, but any views are mine and mine alone. I don’t wish to kiss ass or piss anyone off. I just see what I see.

I intend (once I have time… I’m about to leave to go see It. It looks great!) to use a silly rating system out of 5. BOWS! Since that’s what i wear when I go. (That rhymed!) Match of the night bow. Out of five stars bows. And some sort of horrible bow for dud matches. It’s silly, it’ll be fun and I hope it encourages people to go to shows. We can never have enough fans. I always have a blast. Maybe sharing that will encourage others to go. And since i always take a butt ton of pics, those will be there too. IMG_3158


I hope you enjoy it. I hope I enjoy writing it. (This one was rushed I’m sorry, Katie is rushing me since we have to drive to Hampton to bootleg movie snacks at hte dollar store and sneak them in. I have to go. )


Please enjoy!




Hang that title high (CPW High Times 4/20/2019)

Y’all wanna see a dead body? After last night’s X Division match, someone might be waking up feeling like one… What a great show, with an amazing main event and a terrible Fleenor attack. Plus, a violin…. Who knew violins were in wrestling?

Match 1: Salvation vs Sledge Gibson Rating: 3/5 bows

Shiek came out first and said he had an announcement. He says Salvation was here to take a title. Sledge came out to say he was was ready for Salvation to take this L. And Sledge started in on him quick, jumping from the bell. Salvation trapped Sledge in the corner for a few kicks but Sledge was quick to get up and escape. Salvation knocked him down again but Sledge wasn’t willing to take a beat down this early. He hoists Salvation on his shoulders for a body slam, but Salvation worms out. So Sledge whips him into the corner and gives him a ten count head punch. Salvation is hurting but manages to get Sledge into a head lock but it’s not strong enough to make Sledge tap. Sledge is able to pick up a W over Salvation in the end. However, as he’s getting his hand raised, Timmy Danger comes from nowhere to attack. Sledge is down and Timmy now has the title.

Match 2: Ray Vex vs Kid USA

Rating: 4/5 bows

Next up we have an old fav here at CPW Ray Vex vs Kid USA. As Kid USA made his way to the ring however, Leo Kirby came from the curtain to inspect him. If you recall, Kirby once pretended to be Kid USA and was unmasked as a traitor to the name. Will we see him address this further? Kid USA started hyping the crowd up until the men locked up in a test of strength. When Vex had had enough, He slammed his opponent into the corner then threw him into the ropes, using his neck for leverage. Vex then yanked his arms over his head for another submission headlock, but then the crowd got loud and Kid USA was able to break out and clothing Ray. Then slam him in the corner. Then go top rope for a dining shoulder tackle. Kid USA wins.

Next we heard the playing of a violin… And we see someone in the rafters of the fire house. He plays his way to the ring and over to Fleenor. He introduced himself Geofferson Amantia and plays his way to the back. Very fancy…

Match 3: Rip Sawyer vs El Burrito

Rating: 3/5 bows

Rip Sawyer, with his right hand man Ace Dalton, demanded CPW give him a worthy opponent, as they were tired of wasting their time on basic opponents. Porkchop came from the curtain, to prove his worth, but was held back by security as commissioner Phil Stamper had a different opponent in mind. Out pops El burrito, hungry and ready to fight. The men tensely feel each other out with holds, and headlocks until Sawyer shockingly, wants to shake his opponents hand. The crowd warns El burrito not to but he did it anyway…and got smacked in the face immediately by Sawyer. Sawyer lays into him hard after that, and El burrito is a pile of beans and rice in the center of the ring. After some more of a beat down, El burrito is able to trick Sawyer into running towards him as he lowers the top ripe. Sawyer tumbles out, El burrito makes chase but quickly retreats back to the ring where they run the ropes for a minute. Sawyer finally catches up to his opponent and tosses him out ringside to an awaiting Dalton. Dalton scoops El burrito up and runs him towards a pole, legs first… Dalton assists him back into the ring where Sawyer gets the pin.

Match is over but Sawyer hasn’t had enough and tries to unmask El burrito. Porkchop comes out but security once again holds him back. Jeremey Rhodes comes to his aid and together they help El Burrito fend then off.

RC Loving and Mini RC come out next and say they don’t want Mini RC to official debut right now but they do have some exhibition matches with a famous talent (featured on A&E he said!) And out comes Hillbilly Kid (I think that was his name if not please let me know!). Mini RC And HillBilly Kid had a traditional wrestling match but as soon as HillBilly Kid looked to get the pin RC stepped in…claiming a cheat. So they started again and once again when HillBilly Kid looks to win, RC steps in, calling foul. Then RC and Mini RC just beat him up.


Intermission next where Ex CPW employee Rhonda cleaned up the ring …

Match 4: LA Tank vs Kevin Mears

Rating: 3/5 bows

Next up was a strong man match with LA Tank and returning fav Kevin Mears. Holds to start and then Mears looked to high flying but was caught up by Tank. Tank spent the rest of the match making sure he stayed grounded. Mears got Tank on his back for a slam and Tank was hurting. Tank crawls to his corner and grabs his rope and tries to attack Mears but is stopped by the ref. One slam and Tank gets a quick three count.

Match 5: Capital Vices vs Geordie Bulldogs

Rating: 4/5 bows

Tag team action next and we know Capital Vices had a bone to pick after the Bulldogs won the titles last show. Sean and Money Green locked up first, until Markie tagged in, sending Green scrambling ringside for a breather. Once he returned, he was flipped and slammed by both bulldogs. Jsin is thrown into the mix, slammed hard onto Green. The Bulldogs scrambled to position to do what dogs do best…Sean attacked Green some more but Green was able to get underneath Sean and tries to pull him down for a pin. Jsin saw an opportunity to get the upper hand and ran in to flip Greens head into Sean’s crotch, resulting in a low blow the ref didn’t see. The Vices trap Sean in their corner and worn him down. After some time he is finally able to tag out to Markie and Markie cleans house. A huge power bomb to Money Green and it looks to be done but it’s chaos with everyone in the ring and the pin is broken up. Action spills outside with all men brawling. Double count out as the men don’t make it back in time. Bulldogs retain. The Vices return to the ring and manage to grab a title belt. Jsin looks to hit Sean worth the belt but whacks Green hard on the back of the head. Was it an accident? Time will tell.

Brent Fleenor was about to announce the main event when Humphrey Dupont and KR Superstar explode from the back. If you recall, they’re we’re suspended for 90 days previously and were not supposed to be in the building. They hit Fleenor, beat him down rip his shirt off and tar and feather him. Well maple syrup and feather him… Security is able to move these madmen away from Fleenor so he can get some help. Firemen load him, neck brace and all, onto a stretcher and get him help. Buck Taylor, co-owner of Cpw manages to calm the situation down a but by lifting the two men’s suspension…then immediately imposing another, this time suspending then indefinitely. They are forcibly removed from the venue.


atch 6: X Division: Isiaih Fraizer vs Leo Kirby vs Gordon Brashwell vs Ethan Cross

Rating: 5/5 bows

What a match. And its not everyday you get to see an X Division match on the local scene. At first all the opponents just stood, seeing the set up and feeling the opponents out, before everyone went after Brashwell. Frazier attempts an early climb but is brought down by Brashwell, who then tries to climb, and is then brought down by Cross. Frazier attempts a different corner and is able to swat Brashwell away. He makes it to the center of the ring, so close to the title but instead climbs up and jumps off, taking everyone out. A brief recovery period and Frazier is back up again, Brashwell on his heels. Frazier starts monkey barring to the center but is taken out by an amazing spear from Brashwell. More fighting in the ring and Kirby is tossed aside. Brashwell, Frazier and Cross all start in towards the belt, and all men start kicking each other, until they all fall down. The carnage….Kirby and Cross start up next and they fight on the top rope until Cross knocks him clean across the ring. Cross has a straight shot to the title and he is able to grab it and jump down. New Champs!

Next show is May 25th and if tonight’s show was any indication…you don’t wanna miss it.

Return of the Penguin (Big Time Wrestling 3/29/2019)

Big Time Wrestling is back on it’s annual tour of shows and rumor has it they’ll be in a town next to you soon. Probably today depending on when you read this. They always bring some start talent and some local favs and it’s a great way to cross off some bucket list items. This tour features NWO, Double J, Double R (Ricky Roberts) and some really good local talent (Black Out). You’ll never know who turns up. (And the one in Chesterfield has Arn Anderson!) Who set Maryland wrestling on fire?

Match 1: Alan Clayball vs Nick Anarchy

Rating: 4/5 bows

We started off with a title defense of the Adrealine Wrestling Light Heavyweight Championship, and I have to say, Nick Anarchy was impressive. Champ Clayball was cocky in his entrance, while the anarchy team seemed to relate to the local fans. After a brief lockup, Anarchy quickly turned the pace of the match up, flipping Clayball. Clayball quickly retreated outside the ring to harass Anarchy’s girl, but Anarchy was quick to the apron and even quicker flipping out on Clayball’s head. Clayball returned to the ring and did his best to beat Anarchy down, and Anarchy sadly took a good beating, at one point even being snatched mid flight out the air for a slam. Both men got up quick, only to be knocked down by a double clothesline. Anarchy goes top rope after that, slamming down on Clayball twice, but Clayball wasn’t ready to lie down yet. Slinging Anarchy into the ropes, he thought the match was done, but again, Anarchy is quick. He recovered from a whip to the corner, quickly climbing the ropes for a back body drop. But Clayball was unphased, and was able to whip him into the corner again, and slam him down. Clayball retains. But Anarchy showed his merit big time.

Match 2: Billy Myers vs Buff Bagwell

Rating: 3/5 bows

Next match had a healthy dose of star power in one corner. Myers came out with a manager who’s real name I didn’t catch while Bagwell had NWO legends Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. After a brief word from Nash thanking the fans for the sport, Nash questioned exactly who this manager was, and asked if Batman was around, cause the famous viliain The Penguin was loose. You can’t unsee it…. Headlocks and shoulder tackles and Bagwell was looking strong early. So Myers called for a test of strength. It was clear he was the shorter man, with Bagwell being a head above him, but Myers was able to bring Bagwell to his knees. Another back and forth and Myers left the ring to join The Penguin, and they decided to exit the match and head for the curtain. Myers did come back to the ring shortly after, but left again after further consideration. Hall, in Bagwell’s corner, went over to coax the men to return. Clearly there’s no arguing with legends, and the match resumed. Myers trapped Bagwell in the ropes, and then went for a submission via shoulder clamp. Bagwell commanded the fans to assist him, and was able to get out and knee Myers. But as soon as Bagwell was with arms reach of The Penguin, Bagwell was caught in the ropes again, with a good club to the neck. Hall rushed over, quickly grabbing The Penguin, and good golf club and whacking him on the ass a few times. Both returned to their corners, one pleased, one fighting mad. Another shoulder clamp submission by Myers was the fuel Bagwell needed to bring it home. A nasty stomach kick and Myers was down for the three.

Match 3: Cory Bush vs Buzz Striker

Rating: 3/5 bows

A big man match next, and the crowd was quick to call for reinforcements to the ring. After sizing each other up, the two went for shoulder tackles to one another, neither man budging, so Bush whips Striker into the corner and body slams him after a run up. Striker is hurt but doesn’t go down, instead going for punches. But Bush is quick and manages to evade a few, instead connecting with a clothesline, knocking Striker down finally. Striker rolls out, but is snatched back inside by his hair. A chop off is next, but ends quickly, when Striker evades a chop and Bush goes into the corner then falls flat in the ring. Striker goes for a “People’s leg drop” but Bush rolls out just in time. More chops, and Bush is able to get Striker in the center of the ring. A Weight of the World slam and it’s all over. Bush wins.

Match 4: Doug Delicious and TA vs Patriot and Toco Loco

Rating: 3/5 bows

Tag action next with BTW favs and Doug Delicious. Patriot is always popular and Loco and him made a great pair. TA started with the customary warning of kicking people out, before Patriot and Delicious went at it. Try as he might, Delicious could not get his opponet to go down, so he backs him into a corner. While his back is turned, Loco gets ready on the top rope, and as soon and he turned, he met Loco mid air. Loco and Patriot doubled kick him, and he struggles to make the tag to TA. TA Doesn’t last long and tags out at the first sign of trouble, letting Delicious deal with the wrath of The Patriot. He gets Delicious on the mat and manages to give Delicious a hard kick where the sun doesn’t shine. Instead of tagging out, he takes more of a beating. He is able to finally slam Loco and tag out, but again, TA is quick to tag back out. He uses his current time to expose the turnbuckle, and Delicious slams Loco’s back into it. While the ref tried to fix it, both men attack Loco. They trap Loco and use tags to decimate him. Finally he is able to escape after throwing Delicious into the exposed corner the ref couldn’t fix, tagging out to Patriot, who sends both men running. A double clothesline to their opinions and a double pin secure the win for Patriot and Loco. Delicious and TA turn on one another, fighting all the way to the back.

Match 5: Doyle Days and Black Out vs Sicend, Vic Ramon and Michael Amaydo

Rating: 4.5/5 bows

Six man tag match next and my match of the night. I’ve always loved when I can see Black Out as they are amazing. And Riot City is an old fav that just keeps getting better with time. Amaydo and Days starts, with Days literally dancing around his opponent.  Days tags to one half of Black Out, who goes on a pose off with Amaydo.  While one had the clearer better physique, Amaydo is quick witted with it.  Amaydo isn’t up for long, with Black Out slamming him, then making it rain on his injured body.   Ramon tags in, then Sicend, who quickly hoists his opponent over his body for a slam. Sicend quickly pays for that, as Days see his partner is in trouble and goes too rope after a quick tag. Days then dance kicks him, connecting with Sicend’s face each time he tried to sit up. Sicend tried hard to get to his corner, but his opponents won’t allow it, tagging Ruckus in, who quickly whips Sicend to a corner and backflips flawlessly into him. That was amazing.  This larger man out here doing that, showing everyone off. Ruckus works Sicend over, and when it looks like someone might come to help him, the other Black Out member rushes over to knock them off the apron. They then tag up to flip Sicend. Sicend takes a beating until he can tag Amaydo in, who cleans house.  It quickly becomes a free for all, with everyone in the ring and then all at once no one, as Sicend and Ramon do a double suicide dive to Black Out . That leaves Days and Amaydo, but Jeremey Grimes slinks into the ring, looking to hit Amaydo with some foreign object. James Ellsworth appears outta nowhere for a super kick, giving Amaydo a chance to turn around. But Days is up as well.  Amaydo quickly applies an ankle lock and Days taps out . Great fun day paced match and Black Out was impressive as hell. My only issue was we didn’t need the Ellsworth save. These Indy boys were shining just fine.

Match 6: Ricky Roberts vs Jeff Jarrett

Rating: 3/5 bows

The Penguin returns, whistle around his neck (let me tell you… Super loud… Super annoying) and says he’s bring some amazing WWE talent with him.  Out pops none other than Double R Ricky Roberts, guitar in hand, attitude all over his face. He says he’s kicking butt for Elias who might be watching.  Double J let’s him fuss a few minutes before popping out from the back.  More microphone trash talk before the men lockup, and Jarrett is flipped into the corner. Roberts proceeds to do Jarrett’s strut to mock him.  A strut off occurs, the crowd eating it up for Jarrett. Roberts gets annoyed and tries to attack Jarrett, but he’s quick with a flip and then gets a few chops and a ring rope ten count punch for good measure.  Roberts flings him into the ropes and The Penguin grabs him, using his trusty golf club again.  Roberts is able to captialize, until they both collide, the ref reaching a nine count before either can get up. Stunned, both men go at it, until Jarrett is flung into the ref, taking him out. Roberts quickly jumps out the ring, grabs a chair from under it and sets it up in the corner. Jarret stops short of being tossed into it, but Ricky is close to the corner that The Penguin is in, catching the tossed guitar mid air trying to hit Jarret.  Jarrett ducks, just in time, kicks Ricky and flips around to knock the Penguin off the apron.  Face slam for the win and the ref, despite the slow count due to being woozy, counts the 1, 2, 3. Jarret wins, threatening to hit the ref with the guitar.  But the ref runs off, leaving the guitar intact to produce another smash hit another day.  (See what I did there? 😄)


Next match is actually today! Big Time Wrestling will be bringing their tour to Chesterfield VA.  Big names and I’m sure a big show is planned. Check em out.

On Fire(Fusion 3/23/2019)

Fusion wrestling returned and they brought some star power with them. Lex Luger kicked off the night with a prayer after a few words on wrestling.

Match 1: Travis Jacobs vs DeJuan O’Neal

Rating: 3/5 bows

Jacobs came out a little too arrogant (inciting the taunts of crazy fan Crazy Helen….) while O’Neal came out as a clear fav. After Jacobs was done listening to Helen fuss at him, he locked up with O’Neal, with a fast transition from neck lock to head lock, until he tossed O’Neal in the corner and stomped him. O’Neal recovered, to challenge Jacobs to a shoulder tackle off, where neither men was able to knock the other down. More headlocks until O’Neal was feed up, grabbing Jacobs, hoisting him over his head for a slam. Once Jacobs got up, he shoved O’Neal into the corner again for more stomping. O’Neal wasn’t enjoying this, and countered with clothesline and a DDT followed by a double kick stomp. Jacobs couldn’t kick out and O’Neal wins.

Match 2: Jaxon Stone vs Hyena Hex

Rating: 4/5 bows

Super impressed with Hyena in this match, as I’ve never seen him around before. Stone came out confident, with his manager in tow, although I’m not sure with an ego as big as his, he needed a manager. Hyena went fast and fierce at Stone, causing Stone to comically tell him to slow down. Hyena was whipping Stone into corners and then body slamming him, only to run back, knee him, run back again and cross body, all while Stone can’t move in the corner. A suicide dive attempt was thwarted when Stone hide behind his manager, so Hyena lost some of his momentum. Stone knew not to let that slide and traps him in the corner this time, chopping hard and then kneeing him in the face. A brief back and forth were Stone loses his edge and rolls outside the ring to recover. Hyena doesn’t even pause before getting that suicide dive in, knocking Stone down. Stone rolls back in, and his manager jumps on the apron, distracting the ref.  Hyena pauses briefly to inspect the situation, but Stone is quicker, sneaking in for a low blow and a quick roll up. Of course, the ref doesn’t see it and announces Stone as a winner. Stone retreats to the back.

Match 3: Max Sterling vs Preston Quinn

Rating: 4/5 bows

This match started with The Pain Train Preston Quinn getting the fans to help him start the train down the tracks while Sterling looked on. He had no idea what he’s gotten himself into. PQ then went at him with holds, getting him down on the mat very early in the match.  Corner lockups followed by arm lockups and Sterling had to take a break.  Corner chops and a body slam forced Sterling outside the ring. But PQ followed, slapping Sterling when he least expected it. Fired up from the crowd, PQ slapped him around some more . But once he returned to the ring, Sterling got his second wind, and got the best of PQ for the second half of the match. PQ took a beating but one Irish whip to the corner and he was back.  An elbow and a heroic power bomb and Sterling may have forgotten his own name. PQ retains his title with the win.

Match 4: Unstable with Dr. Carl Martin vs Paul Jordane and Eric Martin

Rating: 4/5 bows 

A crazy duo with I’m guessing their doctor took on one half of the Guns For Hire Jordane and Eric Martin. Martin and Michell locked Up first, with Martin feeling his opponet out, until Michell took a bite out of his hand. They break up, try a traditional match again until Michell goes backwards on all fours, in a crab walk position. Needless to say, Martin was uneased, and tagged out to Jordane.  Geddy Calhoun was also tagged in, and the bigger men went at it until Martin helped flip Calhoun, which caused Michell to run in.  A bit chaotic for a second but the ref calmed it down. They then took it all out on Calhoun, trapping him and tagging in and out to stay fresh.  When Martin was going for a run up, Dr Carl Martin flipped him backwards out of the ring, which turned the tides for Calhoun to get some offense in.  Martin took a beating and tried hard to take out, but the crazy duo knew enough to keep him away. It wasn’t until Michell took a huge foot to the face by Martin, that Martin was able to get to his corner. Jordane tagged in and flew around the ring handling both of his opponents. A flip power bomb to Michell looked like the end, but the good doctor jumped on the apron to distract Martin. As Martin goes to punch him, Michell comes out of nowhere with an ugly forearm. Unstable wins, gloating with their doctor while their confused opponents look on.

Match 5: CW Anderson vs Jack Swagger

Rating: 4/5 bows 

Main event time and you can tell something good is coming up given the history of both of these men. ECW legend Anderson vs ex WWE honorable Swagger. Dutch Mantell came out  with Swagger, so Anderson called for his own manger, Dr Carl Martin. Match bega  with a lockup but Swagger is quick to knock Anderson back.  Anderson retaliates but quickly slides outside the ring. Swagger followed but he got a slap to the face for his troubles. While on the apron fussing at Dr Martin, Anderson drops him head first into the ring ropes. Swagger gets in, but is trapped in an arm lock shortly after.  Once he escapes, and while the managers ringside hash it out, Swagger is able to connect with a huge clothesline to Anderson, followed by a corner slam and then a Swagger Bomb in the corner.  Anderson somehow gets up, goes to hit Swagger but takes out the ref. Swagger quickly snatches Anderson’s ankle in an ankle lock, and he taps….but the ref isn’t alert. Suddenly Unstable and Jaxon Stone come out and knocks Swagger from behind, breaking the hold. Just as quick, Jordane, Martin and Hyena Hex rush out to join the melee. It ends just as quickly as it starts when Hyena moonsaults off the corner, taking all the extra players out.  Anderson and Swagger are up, as is the ref and Anderson smacks Swagger hard. He goes down but the ref is focused on Dr Martin. He can’t stop Martin from going inside the ring and holding Swagger as Anderson gets ready for a super kick. The kick is loud and connects…with Dr Martin as Swagger wiggles away at the last moment. Ankle lock again by Swagger and another tap out, this time the ref seeing. Swagger wins and ” We the People” cheer his victory.


Next show is in two weeks, April 6th. So make sure you follow on Facebook for match listings and locations.

CPW Mid Atlantic Mayhem (03/23/2019)

Tag team tournament time on this twofer wrestling weekend. (Actually a threefer, but I can only be at so many shows!). Who wants new tag champs? CPW has new tag champs and the winners were selected after a brutal tag tournament with some he’s faces, some old faces and some strange team ups.

Match 1: Geordie Bulldogs vs Marauders vs Simply Safeish

Rating: 4/5 bows

Marauders and Bulldogs started it off, with Simply Safeish being forced to the corner. Marauders quickly tried to jump the Bulldogs, with Sam Bass being thrown out but Sean taking a minor beat down from the masked opponent. Wes from Simply Safeish gets tagged in and goes to town on the masked opponent with some holds and then invited Livid in to attack Sam Bass’ nipples. Simple Safeish paid for that move, until the Bulldogs snuck a tag in. Marauders were kicked out of the ring and The Bulldogs went after Livid again. Livid was top rope, but Markie grabbed him, while Sean got top rope in an opposite corner. Markie did the flip. Sean did the double foot stomp. The Bulldogs advance in the tournament.

Match 2: Leo Kirby and Ray Vex vs Robby and Bobby vs Jeffrey Gordon and Salvation

Rating: 4/5 bows


Next up we get another triple threat match for the next set of contenders. Gordon came out alone, as Salvation had a family emergency to deal with and was not here. He could forfeit and loss or go it alone. Not one to back down, he chose to go it alone. Bobby and Leo started, with Gordon doing run ins when it looked safe, but who could blame him? Leo was trapped by Bobby while Robby went for a slam. They swapped and Bobby got a middle rope slam. As the crowded cheered “One more time!” They swapped again, Robby going top rope. Bobby knees Leo to the face but Gordon sneaks in again, going after Bobby’s leg. Ray tags him now, giving Leo a chance to regroup. But Ray is able get some action in before regrouping outside the ring with The Honest Reverend and Leo. Back inside, Ray and Leo turn up the volume and Robby and Bobby are sent scrambling. Robby tries to swing the match in their favor, slamming Ray into Leo who is down on the mat, but somehow, Leo gets a shoe I think, and hits Robby. He puts Ray on the lifeless opponent, as he’s legal, and these two get their victory.

Match 3: LA Tank and Isaiah Fraizer vs Gorilla Squad vs John Washington and Ethan Cross

Rating: 3/5 bows

Really quick match next that advances Gorilla Squad. Frazier got caught quick by one of the huge members of the Squad and got a back drop. Not sure where Tank was to save his man. Blink and you’ll miss it. Squad will continue.

Match 4: Capital Vices vs Porkchop Johnson and Gordon Brashwell vs Timmy Danger and Kevin Mears

Rating: 4/5 bows

One more triple threat for our first round contenders and we see some old favs and some…interesting pairs. Danger and Mears started, with Danger going after Porkchop. Not to be ignored, Money Green invited himself into the fight by going top rope and slamming the legal teams. Green and his tag partner Jsin kept themselves fresh with hot tags and keep Danger down, until he could tag out to Mears. Mears made short work of Money Green, but Brashwell found he was ready for more action and jumped in. He tagged to Porkchop who found himself getting a beat down from both teams, until he goes for his Porckchop Pound cake, but Capital Vices gets in the ring and quickly pins Mears, the victim of Porckhop’s move. Capital Vices advances.

Match 5: Geordie Bulldogs vs Gorilla Squad

Rating: 3/5 bows

Another quick match, but this one ended in a DQ. Guess Gorilla Squad jumped the bell and attacked the Bulldogs from the jump, focusing mostly on Markie, mostly on his knee. The ref tried to get some order, but the Squad appear to be huge bullies. Markie was on his own here, Sean being tossed out of the ring early. After a short time, with Markie pleading for relief, the locker room exploded from the back to save him, Porkchop leading the way. Saved by DQ The Bulldogs advance again, but Markie was hurting.

Match 6: Capital Vices vs Leo Kirby and Ray Vex

Rating: 4/5 bows

Ray started with JSin, and after allegations of fat shaming, and minor beat down, Green tagged in along with Kirby. These two had a great exchange, with Kirby asserting dominance. Ray tagged in, super fired up but ran into a smack from Money Green. Try as he might, Ray couldn’t get the upper hand so he tags out again, with Green also swapping it up. Vicious back and forth with everyone tagging in and out. Kirby, ringside, grabs a chair and goes after his opponent. Green sees, and suicide dives outside. Yet, as the ref counts for the ten count, Capital Vices cannot get back inside the ring, so Leo and Ray get the win.

Match 7: Rip Sawyer vs Jeremy Rhodes

Rating: 3/5 bows

After intermission, we see our first singles match, the boisterous Rip Sawyer along with Ace Dalton will take on Rhodes. And Rip lived up to his name, ripping Rhodes jacket and shirt off, choking him with it. When he ran out of clothes to remove, Rip just used his hands to choke his opponent out. Any time Rhodes found a moment to catch his breath, Rip was there with a new hold for him. Sawyer and Dalton took a moment to fuss at fans ringside, but as soon as Rhodes ran to interfere, Rip was on him, throwing him back into the ring. But Rhodes was ready and evaded him this time and even got a slam, a corner attack and a double foot to chest kick in. Dalton didn’t like this turn so he hopped on the apron to interfere. Rhodes tried to know him down, however, Rip quickly rolled him up for a the pin. Afterwards, Porkchop ran out again, calling the older gentlemen out.

Match 8: Humphey J Dupont and KR Superstar vs Sledge Gibson

Rating: 4/5 bows


This one wins my match of the night. Sledge has taken a literal beating leading up to this match (find some of the promos posted to CPW’s Facebook page. It was fantastic!) and was ready to show these two managers who was boss. Sledge came out looking fierce, two sledgehammers in tow with a stipulation of No DQ on this match. AS always, DuPont and KR came out with attitudes bigger than KR. Sledge got KR in the corner quick and climbed on the middle rope for a corner head punch, but quickly realized he didn’t need the ropes for height advantage, and just punched KR from ground level. DuPont rushed into to save his man and KR stomped him in the corner. They both then worked on Sledge’s leg using the ring post.  Both men beat down Sledge’s leg after that, until Washington and Ethan, who were ringside, tried to join in. Ronnie Devault showed up from the curtain and banned these men from ringside to be fair to Sledge. Sledge leveled both men with a clothesline, cashing in on the distraction. They were able to escape ringside momentarily, until they went after Sledge once again. This time however, Sledge had it firmly under control, choking KR out. But he didn’t keep a close eye on DuPont, who had by then retrieved his trusty briefcase. He goes to hit Sledge but we see quickly that was just to distract him from KR, who had somehow gotten a handful of powder. He winds it up and BOOM hits DuPont in the face with it instead of Sledge who ducked. DuPont is down, briefcase discarded so Sledge uses it to beat him down some more. But Washington and DuPont are back and its all Sledge can do to survive. They take the ref out and continue to beat down Sledge, going for a pin and before a ref can replaced the first one, Sledge kicks out. So the DuPont/Superstar family take that ref out as well. Another comes out and I don’t even think he got a pin attempt in before he was hit. DuPont gets a belt and holds it up high, signally the carnage we’re about to witness. Jokes on him though, as Sledge quickly snatches it and whoops both me with an intensity only a Mother could relate to. As he’s snapping his belt, we see that Commissioner Phil Stamper, who was banned for 60 days is indeed in the building. He pleads with the powers that be to reinstate him, so he can find a ref to count this since all have been laid out flat. They agree, as KR is receiving a wedgie from Sledge and Dave Hebner is ringside and in ref clothes just in time to count KR out after  body slam. Sledge retains….however…Salvation explodes from the back, hitting him. I guess his family emergency was a fraud…

Match 9: Ray Vex and Leo Kirby vs The Geordie Bulldogs

Rating: 4/5 bows

As the confusion of the previous match dies down, we get our final bracket for the CPW tag champions. Will it be Ray and Leo or Sean and Markie? Ray and Leo start the action quickly, Markie still trying to get to the ring on his bad leg, attacking Sean quickly.  He can’t even catch a breath as they go after him. Sean takes a beating for a majority of the first half until he an finally knock Ray down. Kirby sees Sean go top rope and quickly intercedes, giving Ray a chance to get up and join him. Sean is looking to get slammed but Markie! He comes from his corner, hurt, hobbling but makes it over before they can slam his brother and instead, he slams all three. He sends Leo running and briefly has Ray in his control, but Leo comes back and they both slam Markie down, and attack the horribly hurt, bandaged knee. Ray is holding Markie up so Leo can kick him in the face, but as he runs to the ropes for velocity, Sean snatches him out of the ring over the top rope, giving Markie a chance to recover. He slams Ray and the ref counts it. YOUR NEW TAG CHAMPS. Streamers show up and the fans cheer…until Capital Vices ruins the party, asking for a match now. The Bulldogs are ready…but the Vices say not today…not if the fans really want it. However, you can’t stop the British boys from celebrating and they continue. Well deserved.


Next show is April 20th in the same venue in Aylett VA. High Times!

“Work for a cause, not applause” (Nova Pro 3/9/2019)

It’s that time of the year again. Days getting longer, weather (should be) getting nicer allergies are kicking in and Nova Pro hosts its annual try out show, an opportunity for talent from all over to show the east coast what they have and if they’ll fit in to our little spot of wrestling. It’s one of my favorite shows as a wrestling fan, as I get to see new talent who is hungry to expand their horizons. While there was a lot of familiar faces, I did get to see a few new guys and gals and I hope this try out opens new doors for all of them.

Match 1: Mack Butler vs Desmond King

Rating: 3/5 bows

Butler vs King showcased an early hold match up, both men trying to wear the other down early until King escaped and went top rope. King escapes the ring, and Butler tries to slam him into the ring post, but King is to swift, and moves just in time to let Butler hurt himself. King shoves Butler back into the ring, to a corner for some chops. Butler tries some corner offense of his own, trapping King in the corner and going for a body slam. Again, King is too swift and Butler slams himself. King is pulling out all the stops with a few more slams, but Butler is able to come back, and a nasty clotheslines puts King down for the three count.

Match 2: Mikey Baker vs John Washington

Rating: 3/5 bows

Familiar faces in this match, with Washington stealing the crowds attention once again with only his voice. Baker started attacking early, but Washington clung close to the ropes, ensuring a break by the ref would ease his pain. Baker tried to hurt Washington’s arm, but Washington countered with a headlock before escaping the ring to recharge. Baker made chase, but Washington quickly returned to the ring, finding Baker with a clothesline and a body drop. But Baker wasn’t done yet, kicking out of his pin attempt. Washington yelled some more, while going top rope for a head butt. But his yelling gave Baker a chance to get his second wind, and he is able to roll out before the head butt connects. Washington is tossed out of the ring, and when Baker tries to come out on him, Washington grabs his leg, keeping him from flying. Baker had enough, and as soon as Washington returns to the ring again, Banker unloads with a suplex, a body drop and his finishing slam. Baker wins.

Match 3: Juan Francisco de Coronado vs Isiah Frazier

Rating: 4/5 bows

Great match between Chikara’s own Juan vs a personal fav Frazier. Juan took forever to get to the ring, soaking up fans disdain. But he was clearly proud to be here to wave his flag for us. The men were quickly center in the ring, trying to bully their opponent around a bit, each opponent copying each other. Juan worked the shoulders, Frazier countered and returned the favor. They moved onto the arm next. Then Frazier went for the leg, pulling Juan into a body drop. But Juan rolls out on impact, makes ‘friends’ with a nice lady in the front row by staring her down, until the ref firmly persuades Juan to return to the ring with a 7 count. Juan gets to the apron, gloating a bit again, until Frazier grabs him and changes his attitude quick. But Juan reacts as quickly as his face did, and grabs the arm of Frazier and yanks it down hard on the rope. He then tries to summit Frazier with that same arm, but Frazier didn’t tap. Frazier is able to make a comeback, getting Juan on the corner and rough housing him a bit. A huge body drop (followed by Juan’s famous yelling) and Frazier might be the winner. But Juan gets a second wind and the boys battle some more. Juan traps Frazier in a leg lock, telling the fans he has him right where he wants him, but Frazier counters into a quick roll up, getting the win over his opponent.

Match 4: Avery Rose vs McKayla

Rating: 3/5 bows

Ladies match time, and we got to see UCW’s champ Rose take on a nearly brand new opponent, McKayla, this being her second time in a ring. Rose went after the arm instantly, sending McKayla reeling, but she recovered quickly and appeared to be a tad faster on her feet. She was able to evade a few moves, so Rose body slammed her down, cutting off her escape. Rose then traps McKayla in the ropes, then in a Tree of Woe, where so hops out of the ring and bends her opponents arm back until the ref can call her to stop with a count. A drop kick by Rose and McKayla is finally out of the corner, but at a huge cost. The ladies run the ropes, but smack into each other and are forced to take a breather. McKayla is up first, Rose a tad slower, and she pays for it with a kick to her chest. But Rose is able to catch her opponent and wins.

Match 5: War Boys vs Grimy Scots vs Real Life Freaks

Rating: 4/5 bows

Another fun match, triple threat tag team battle. War Boys started against the freaks and did a number on King, until the Scots tagged in, and continued. Bradley tagged in, however, he was holding his Captain, and technically, the Captain was the legal man. The Scots beat up on Bradley, until the ref stressed the point that the Captain was legal. Shrugging, the Scots whopped his tail next. No mercy was spared and the Scots pulled out all the stops. I never thought I’d say this but….I felt bad for Bradley. The pin to the Captain was broken up by the War Boys, but Bradley was seeing red and was in the ring before anyone could blink, going after his opponents. More action but suddenly the War Boys we’re on the Scots for a pin. Confusion, but the War Boys we’re the legal winner. The Scots and The Freaks continued attacking until the ref got order. Great match and all three tag teams were awesome.

Match 6: John Kermon vs Just Kevin

Rating: 2/5 bows

Quick fun match between Kermon and Just Kevin. You can tell they both had fun, with Kermon helping teach Kevin how to properly apply holds, and Kevin getting a pillow to attack his opponent. A quick roll up and Kermon was able to quickly get the win.

Match 7: David Ali vs Anthony Adams vs c3k vs Grim

Rating: 4/5 bows

A four way battle with four great competitors who everyone will want to keep their eyes on. A stare off started the match, until c3k decided to hit everyone, clearing the ring of all but Grim and Adams, who went at it. All men returned and Adams took a beating and a huge slam from Grim. Ali returned and Grim and him had an amazing back and forth until Adams regained enough to return. This time, him and c3k went at it until Grim and Ali took over the ring. So, we’ve had almost two sets of one on one with some mix-ins in between.  Grim has an amazing move where he tosses the huge opponent over his head and into the ropes. Action involved everyone again, until Ali took out c3k and Adams hit a huge suicide dive. Adams returns, Grim second and Grim gets caught up in the ropes and Adams gets a huge ddt in. Grim doesn’t stay down long, but Adams knocks him back again with a boot to the face. Ali goes for a pin of c3k. Grim is too late to counter and Ali gets a quick, confusing win. But what a match! Fast action and some great guys to keep your eyes on.

Match 8: James Harris vs Christopher James

Rating: 2/5 bows

Big man match that sadly didn’t give as much excitement as the previous ones. James was great at playing to the crowd, even enduring some Jonah Hill chants and stealing his opponents mask and playing Frankenstein. However, his opponent was a tad slow to all his moves, taking away from the match as a whole. James gets the win after a quick shoulder slam.

Match 9: Porkchop Johnson vs Eel O’Neil

Rating: 4/5 bows

Breakout stars of the afternoon, in my humble opinion. Porkchop has been grinding hard on the local scene and is over wherever he goes, Nova included. And O’Neil showed some great character and did really well during this match. A test of strength started the match and Porkchop was able to shove his opponent into the corner with his power. They lock up again, until O’Neil escapes, letting his limbs rest a second. (He also broke through the caution tape barricade, and was fussed at by the crowd to fix it. Apparently his knot typing skills are great, as he was unable to do so before returning to the ring….) He gets Porkchop in the corner, standing him, until the ref reminded him he only have five seconds, so O’Neil gets in his face next. O’Neil then goes after Porkchop’s leg, not giving up even as he screams in agony. I’ve never heard Porkchop this vocal. From leg locks, to submission moves to just wearing on him, O’Neil didn’t give any chance for Porkchop to get up. Somehow, Porkchop is able to endure. And manages to knock O’Neil down and slowly goes top rope for a ‘Porkchop Pancake’ headbutt, winning him the match. But he was clearly hurting.

Match 10: Hype Rockwell vs Blank

Rating: 4/5 bows

Main event time! However it was delayed by some artsy manager type who was there to introduce us to Blank… his client of sorts. Blank exploded through the crowd, lightly smacking fans ringside with his half gloves…finally getting top the ring to just sit and contemplate in the center of the ring. Action was slow to start, as Hype as trying to feel his opponent out who was… weird. Action explodes out of the ring after Hype swats Blank on the corner. Blank get a little more fierce after that, even opening his mouth zipper to yell at fans to cheer for him, bringing on some classic golf claps. Blank then tries his hand at submission holds, but Hype won’t allow it, getting out and sending Blank slamming down once he catches him. He attempts a pin but the ref is drug out of the ring by Blank’s manager. Hype attacks again, and goes for another pin, but the manager then jumps on the apron to distract the manager. But he quickly off, (I guess refs intimidate him) and Hype grabs Blank and slams him for the win.


Next Nova Pro show is… well last night! They had an all ladies card that was really great from what I see. Look them up for next show times and I know you’ll enjoy it. And keep your eye on some of the wrestlers in this blog. They’ll be making some waves in the coming year.


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. You don’t want this ring, right?(MCW 2/23/2019)

A special anniversary show for Maryland Championship wrestling went down yesterday and it was everything fans have come to love about MCW. Great action. Fun matches and a main that left everyone talking. If you’ve never been, make a 2019 goal to check out a show. You’ll love it.

Match 1: Trick vs Epps

Rating: 3/5 bows

Preshow kicked off with one half of MCW’S newest tag team taking on Trick, who appears to be flying solo these days. Trick started out a little cocky, backing himself into the ropes as soon as Epps advanced. After a few tries, Epps adjusted his strategy, keeping Trick away from the ropes. Instead of wrestling, Trick just left the ring, causing Epps to make chase, where he attacking him on the apron. Trick returns to the ring and tries a few pin attempts, Epps kicking out easily. Trick attempts a submission, with a firm grasp on Epps hair that causes Ref Becky to start a five count. Trick presses all the way to four, with chants of “Barry Poppins” fueling his rage. Trick uses the rage to get some air for a cannon ball, but Epps rolls out. Epps gains some traction with clothesline and an elbow, but Trick is back up soon with his own headlock. But Epps gets out and back flips Trick for the win.

Match 2: Dax Draper vs Kekoa vs Joe Keys

Rating: 4/5 bows

Keys has been the number one contender for the MCW Heavyweight champion since he won at the Memorial Cup show I believe and now Draper and Kekoa are competing for that honor. Draper was kicked out first, so Keys and Kekoa could fight, but he didn’t stay gone long, and they were forced to team up to remove him one again. Kekoa then went on the attack to Keys, slamming his face hard on the mat. Draper returns and Kekoa turns his attention to him again, giving Keys a second to recover. Keys goes top rope for a vicious stomp to Kekoa.  Draper gets eliminated but refuses to leave. Draper returns again and while Keys tried to send him packing, he stays this time, for a double body drop and then a huge slam to Keys, following that up with so many knees to Keys face. All three men get in on the action, Keys looking like he would be able to put them away with a second wind. He goes top rope to finish offer Kekoa but Draper comes out of no where with a drop kick that knocks Kekoa onto the ropes, knocking Keys off. Draper and Keys go at it, and miss Kekoa going top rope. He connects with Keys and Kekoa is now the numbers one contender. A disappointed Keys goes to the back with his fans still cheering for him.

Match 3: The Cartel with Portia vs Robby and Bobby with Aria Palmer

Rating: 4/5 bows

A hybrid match up fueled by a previous match between these two ladies gave us a great match with clear fan divide. No one likes the Cartel, and Portia seems to be hated just as much. And Robby and Bobby are always so much fun to see, with Palmer fitting in great. The ladies started the match with a brief shoving match that results in the men stepping in and brawling outside the ring. Palmer returned to the ring but Portia has tagged out to Diaz, so Bobby got tagged in so the action could continue. Bobby ran the ropes, sending Diaz Scrambling. Bandanna guy tagged in next (I’m sorry I don’t know his name, and Phil Stamper only referred to him as ‘Birdbox’. Which was hilarious!) And Robby and Bobby trapped him in his corner, dropping fists and tagging out often. Bandanna guy tried to escape but was caught by Robby for his corner flip slam, but Diaz was in the corner to break up the action. Robby was then trapped in his opponents corner, but he managed to knock everyone back except Portia who jumped on his back. Confused about who to hit, Robby just spins around until The Cartel attacks again, sending Robby out of the ring. He gets back inside and takes a beating until Bandanna Guy takes a foot to the face. Palmer rushes in to save her partner and knocks the men outside the ring with stunners for everyone. Portia tries to save them but gets a stunner herself. Bobby flies off the top rope, taking The Cartel out. Diaz somehow gets back in the ring but Robby is quick to toss him in his corner body flip. Diaz gets some serious air. Robby, Bobby and Palmer get the win. Seriously fun match they all put on and it’s always great to see The Cartel get some justice for all their cheating ways.

As the winners make their way to the back, Gia Scott pops from behind the curtain and grabs Palmer, slamming her into the floor. Robby and Bobby rush to help but Scott is yelling at her new rival…..

Match 4: Ryan McBride vs Brandon Scott

Rating: 4/5 bows

Fierce match between these two. McBride came out first with loudmouth Andy Vineberg, mic in hand, telling us Scott wasn’t here today, as his father is in the hospital. After some more gloating, Vineberg was told to quiet down by Stamper saying Scott was here and ready to fight. Scott explodes from the back in jeans, Vineberg scrambling to leave the ring and Scott attacks McBride. The attack forced McBride to take a breather, but Scott was angry and goes after him. Vineberg tried to deflect, but knew enough to get out of Scott’s way. Action returns to the ring and Scott ends up in the corner while McBride chats to the ref about the rules, leaving Vineberg to do what he does best, cheat in the corner. Scott is practically lifted off his feet by Vineberg attacking his neck. McBride goes for a pin but it’s too early. He goes for some nasty chops to Scott, but it’s still not enough. Scott takes a minor beat down and ends up center of the ring for McBride to gloat over his pain. They end up in the corner on the top rope, McBride gloating once again. But Scott punches him down and gets fired up all over again. Clotheslines, suicide dives and a neck breaker from Scott at lightening fast paced. No one can question his motivation today. But Andy…it’s always Andy…. He pops up on the apron when it looks like McBride might need a friend and gets in Scott’s face. So Scott hits him then kicks him while he’s down. But McBride sneaks up and sends Scott flying. One….two….three. That’s it’s for Scott. McBride wins and enjoys his W while throwing up some W’s.

Match 5: Shaun Cannon vs Greg Excellence

Rating: 3/5 bows

Cannon comes out quick to the ring and settles himself into his corner to wait for Excellence. Once his opponent entrees the ring her says he’s not fighting tonight, but he had someone who will do it for him. The Sickness, looking much more fierce from the last time we had seen him, comes to the ring with an air of dominance, and rips his shirt off in front of Excellence. Cannon says everything The Sickness touches dies….Excellence still thinks he can handle this man, and goes for a titty twister to The Sickness. He’s immune. After that, I wouldn’t call it a match anymore. It was more of a beat down to Excellence…. A pile driver puts Excellence away. However, Cannon went for the pin and got the win. The Sickness and Cannon celebrate. What an odd pairing but it seems to be working well for Cannon.

Match 6: The Savior’s vs SCU

Rating: 4/5 bows

Tag action next with newly signed AEW SCU vs The Savior’s. (And if you’re curious of you would like the Savior’s, check out Skyler’s entrance pic of him yelling at the guy in front of us. He’s so fired up even before the match starts!) Skyler starts the match and gets trapped by SCU and takes a few extra punches. Skyler tags out and his partner takes a brief beating before Skyler gets back in. The Savior’s manager steps in, distracting their opponents. The vets simply grab him by the ears, knocking his hat off and sending him reeling, but this gives Skyler the opportunity to gain some traction. The Savior’s beat up Daniels, and isolate him from his partner. He tried to step in but Ref Becky was forced to maintain order and had to kick him out. Daniels continues to take a pounding until he finally tags out. Kazarian, the fresh man, dominants for a while, giving his partner a much needed break, until the Savior’s capture him for a slam. Daniels goes for a suicide dive to save the match, and then it becomes a free for all, with everyone in the ring, SCU throwing the Savior’s at one another. SCU’s pile driver finish ends the match and gets them a win.

Match 7: Ken Dixon vs Rayo

Rating: 4/5 bows

Dixon, who is on a high after ending Drolix’s in ring career, was eager to show Rayo exactly what he could do. Rayo starts with a headlock but Dixon didn’t stay in it for long. Soon Rayo was in a tree of woe in the corner and Dixon wasn’t willing to let him out any time soon. After some pummeling, Rayo manages to escape and climbs the top rope. But Dixon ducks under the smaller man, and swoops in for a body slam, that puts Rayo down for the three count. Dixon with the win, and points up and Drolix on the commentary booth, adding insult to his already injured career.

Match 8: LumberJack match between Sons of Savagery vs Dirty Money and G-Fed with Kevin Eck

Rating: 3.5 bows