Hi. I like wrestling. I hope you do too.

Everyone says I could be a blogger. I like writing. I’m horribly lazy though so last time this didn’t work. Here’s to a solid second try.  I hope to share my Indy wrestling experience with anyone who cares to read. Katie and I go to shows any Saturday I can find local (with 4 hours drive) shows. It’s fun. And rather than keep that fun to myself, I’m going to see about sharing it. And being critical with what I see.

It’s a stupid disclaimer, but any views are mine and mine alone. I don’t wish to kiss ass or piss anyone off. I just see what I see.

I intend (once I have time… I’m about to leave to go see It. It looks great!) to use a silly rating system out of 5. BOWS! Since that’s what i wear when I go. (That rhymed!) Match of the night bow. Out of five stars bows. And some sort of horrible bow for dud matches. It’s silly, it’ll be fun and I hope it encourages people to go to shows. We can never have enough fans. I always have a blast. Maybe sharing that will encourage others to go. And since i always take a butt ton of pics, those will be there too. IMG_3158


I hope you enjoy it. I hope I enjoy writing it. (This one was rushed I’m sorry, Katie is rushing me since we have to drive to Hampton to bootleg movie snacks at hte dollar store and sneak them in. I have to go. )


Please enjoy!




I think I joined the Reggielution (EPPW 06/22/2019)

We did a double header up north this weekend, with two shows, semi close. Some West VA flavor on Saturday with Elite Pro Wrestling Alliance’s tenth anniversary show. And the building hit capacity, with some fans in the ‘standing room only’ section outside of the firehouse venue. Super congrats to them for ten years and still selling out. That’s amazing. Show was great and we got a lot of different style matches, including a ladder match and the fans were into each and every match. Always makes a show better when the crowd is hot.

Match 1: Jason Radatz vs The Patriot

Rating 3/5 bows

Radatz came out, knowing there was no one in the back who could take his title from him, as he’s been champ for 500+ days. No matter who EPW officials threw at him, he would win, so he issued an open challenge. And out popped Mr. USA himself, The Patriot. The crowd loved this and was chanting USA from the moment his music hit. Radatz however, didn’t love it. In fact, as soon as The Patriot got in the ring, Radatz took him out at the leg. Corner chop to The Patriot as soon as he got him up but it was slightly soft. The Patriot refused to let that chop hang in the air and chopped Radatz in another corner and you could see the welt instantly.  Running headlock but Radatz countered by shoving The Patriot into the corner. A slam to The Patriot next and Radatz went for a cocky pin, his foot on The Patriot, who amazingly didn’t let his shoulders stay down. Super core strength. So Radatz goes top rope and goes for a slam but The Patriot gets his foot up and Radatz enjoys a little taste of shoe leather. Radatz was fed up and goes for some elbows next but The Patriot isn’t down for long. As they get up to duel, Radatz grabs the ref by the head,looking to have a nice civil discussion, but really, he’s setting up for the low blow to The Patriot. A leg drop next but The Patriot some how jumps up, Radatz perched on the top rope and he goes for a bit of a ride, with The Patriot shaking the rope. Radatz is tossed into the ring and somehow grabs the Patriot in a headlock , but with the power of the fans, The Patriot is able to get out. So Radatz scrambles to the top rope and goes for a back body drop. The cover attempt after isn’t enough, he picks another corner and tries again. He’s caught and The Patriot delivers a nasty front head slam and we’ve got a new champ ladies and gentlemen! The Patriot was able to upset the 500+ day reign and celebrates with two young fans inside the ring, waving the flag high.

Match 2: Battle Royale

Rating 3/5 bows

Heavy hitting battle royale next, with a new entrant every 45 seconds, keeping the action fresh. We started with two tag teams (and I apologize for names, this is a new promotion to me and I tried to grab as many as i could but it was rather fast…) War Boys and their opponents with some great tandem tag action, with War Boys nearly getting eliminated early. Cory Bush was in next and every single member of the tag teams suffered corner splashes from the big man. Jaysin Justice and Juggerant were in next and the ring was starting to fill up. Anthony Adams next and I believe one of the War Boys gets tossed out before Vecs comes out. He’s decidedly smaller than most of the men in the ring and they all team up to and toss him out rather quickly. Bush with a double elimination as Gatton gets in and kicks everyone. I mean everyone. I’m legit surprised he didn’t hop out and start kicking refs or fans. Hijinx in next, which was a surprise, as we saw him retire at EWA a few months back. Bush gets eliminated as Chuckie Manson is called out. And like Gatton, he was quick to rush in and chop anyone. Loud chops. Hard chops. Deuce Domino next, and with him came his old tag partner Shorty Smalls. Shorty was itching to be helpful to his buddy, attacking some guys ringside after elimination. So maybe, he was just itching to hurt someone? Two men who’s name I didn’t catch were followed by 2 Fine Chris Cline who was last. The ring quickly clears out, leaving Deuce and Adams, and the stipulation now with the last two, it would be  regular match. So they go at it, Adam ultimately getting Deuce in a power bomb position, but Shorty rushes the ring, eager to help his man out. The ref tries to get him out and Deuce is able to wiggle out, Shorty getting in Adams face. But Adams had his girlfriend, Avery Rose, ringside, and she jumped up to help her man. But, she swerves low blowing Adams. Deuce pins him easily, winning him the match. Shorty then goes top rope to hurt the already down man with a frog splash. (He’s still got it!) Follow that up with an elbow and Adams needed help leaving the ring.

After this match, Jake ‘The Machine’ Roberts came out to announce his retirement from the sport of professional wrestling. While I’ve never seen him wrestle personally, it was a touching speech and the fans were clearly emotional for him. Best of luck in whatever finds you next, sir.


Match 3: Dani Deville vs Tess Valentine

Rating 3 /5 bows

Ladies match next and this one is for the title. Kicks to start the match but neither woman went down, so Deville went for a tackle. Valentine got up, and they women shook hands to show respect and got right back into it. Corner headlock that resulted in some rope burn as they drug each other across the ropes, and Valentine was ready to knock her opponent out with a cross body. But Deville was up quick and trapped Valentine in a hand lock, stomping her bent wrist on the mat. She steps away to quickly return just to grab the other hand to stretch it out. Valentine struggles but manages to escape and grab Deville into a crab. A pin attempt but Deville kicks out and goes after Valentine’s wrist again and we can hear the agony around the arena. Valentine somehow gets up and tosses Deville into the corner but they meet in the middle getting knocked down, the ref being forced to start a ten count. Somehow they get up and Valentine gets her second wind, slamming her opponent into the corner and then doing a flip slam splash. But Deville is strong and gets up quick, and goes for her own slam, knocking the mermaid down hard. Some how she can still move and gets to the top rope, a huge double chest kick that knocks the champ down for the last time. New champ again!

Match 4: Cizzko vs Reggie Collins

Rating 4/5 bows

Ladder match for the Elite Pro Cruiserweight Championship with Cizzko defending in a hellacious match. A brief tussle and Cizzko was quick to roll out and grab a nearby ladder, with Collins on his tail. Once inside, Collins quickly scales the ladder with Cizzko right behind him, and they clothesline themselves off the ladder. But the ladder is back up quick, Cizzko up faster than Collins, but Collins snatches him off and back body drops him. Cizzko should be out, so Collins goes again up the ladder, this time getting his hands on the title before Cizzko tips the ladder, sending Collins down hard landing on the ladder itself. Cizzko quickly sets the dented ladder in the corner and Irish whips Collins into it, then tossing him into it, denting it and Collins a bit. A new ladder is introduced and its flipped over instantly, Cizzko then hitting Collins with both. Cizzko tries to toss Collins onto the ladder mess, but Collins is able to see it coming and scoops Cizzko up, dropping him on the first ladder. He hurries to put the other ladder under the title, but he’s hurt, so Cizzko is able to get up and scale the opposite side. A brief struggle and Cizzko is sent flying backwards, and Collins grabs the title for another victory, this time, with a new belt.

Match 5: Brandon Scott vs Robbie Paige

Rating 4/5 bows

Scott tried to go after Paige early, but Paige was ready and Scott was forced to escape the ring to regroup. Knowing he couldn’t stay around the ring, as Paige would toss him back in quick, he goes a few rows back and takes a breather with some fans. Paige patiently waited inside, and chopped Scott so hard when he returned he was lifted off his feet. But Scott wasn’t taking this from Paige, whipping him into the corner and then squeezing his temples with a leg head lock. Paige counters this into a backwards crab headlock, that Scott had to take a moment to get his equilibrium back from but was able to then head slam Paige. He took the next few moments to go top rope for an elbow head slam, but gloated too long and Paige was able to roll out, leaving Scott to slam himself into the ring. Paige goes to the same corner now and Scott tries multiple times to get him down, but Paige swats him back, and goes for a Double Dragon-esque drop kick. He goes to the opposite corner and goes for a splash. He goes for a third move but Scott is up quick this time and goes top rope himself, but missing. A headlock to Scott next but he gets out, goes top rope for the final time for a backwards head slam, executed perfectly. Scott wins. But we know Paige won’t take this next time.

Match 6: 4 man tag match

Rating 3/5 bows

4 man tag match next with a surprise duo on the good guy side. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch a single name outside Boom. Crowd was super fired up for the return and he looked grateful to be back. Very good match, with the good guys, clearly a tad smaller than their opponents, doing a great job of team work and hot tags to take the bigger men out and send them scrambling to tag out. After a bit of high flying, the good guys ultimately win, celebrating with the crowd.

Match 7: Shane Malice vs Lance Anoa’i

Rating 4/5 bows

Slow starter with your main event, as Malice refused to get into the ring. After chase, Anoa’i gave up running after his opponent, instead crashing down on him ringside in front of the nice lady in front of me. She luckily was not harmed, but I don’t think Malice would have cared either way. Once caught, Anoa’i beat Malice up ringside and then tossed him back in the ring, going top rope for a slam, but Malice was up insanely quick for a jumping cutter. Chops by Malice to Anoa’i but Anoa’i was quick to turn the tides on Malice, chopping way harder. Malice tossed him into the ropes, and Anoa’i got caught up in them, trapped while Malice kicked him. Headlock to Anoa’i next but he refused to tap. After a moment to breath, Anoa’i gets up, greeted by a super kick from Malice. This resulted in a bit of a super kick party, each one escalating in volume. Anoa’i has the upper hand now with some famous Samoai dynasty moves, but Malice ultimately gets the pin, much to the chagrin of the fans.

The next show is actually a weekend of shows. I’m not sure of the dates, but they have deals if you attend all three or any two. A whole weekend of wrestling sounds like a great time. Find their Facebook page for details if you’re in the area!


Summer Sizzler show in Maryland went down this Friday courtesy of EWA and it was interesting. We’ll talk more about their Eliminator match in a bit, but that main event was a barn burner. And the War Pigs out did themselves this time.

Match 1: DB Crass and friend vs Eddie Blas and Syler

Rating: 3/5 bows

Preshow match again this time with Blas, who is proving himself to be a main event contender. Crass and Blas started off first with Blas starting off strong to all of Crass’ moves. Once he got near Syler, Syler helped Blas with and arm trap and went to town on Crass, until Crass rolled out and snatched Syler when he went to make chase. He slammed him on the barricade and then rolled him back into the ring, and trapped Syler in the ropes and used his cronies ringside to help beat him down. A headlock submission was counted out by the ref and Blas gets tagged back in once Syler can get up. Blas goes top rope for a cross body and that should have been it, a clear three count, but the ref was distracted by Dr. Doom and missed it. Blas goes to the ref to explain the situation and grabbed by his opponents and held while slammed by Crass. The bad guys win with this tactic and gloat ringside, while Syler and Blas stand confused, again, by the bad ref call.

Match 2: Pierce and Austin Everette vs The War Pigs

Rating: 4/5 bows

Before the show started, we heard that Hyde had some car trouble and wouldn’t be there to help defend their tag belts, so Cory Bush, the leader of Gravity, was asked by Versace to offer some help. He agreed, but offered up Austin Everette aka Justin Bieber to the fans, to be the partner. And the War Pigs never gave either one of them a chance. As soon as the announcer introduced War Pigs, they jumped into the ring, and the fight was on. War Pigs hurled their opponents at one another, then slammed them together, then hit them with a wildly swinging ladder. The fight went to the streets next and Everette and Pierce never really got back into it, the War Pigs grabbing anything, even a giant Thomas the Train head, and beating them down. Versace tries to help Pierce and one of the War Pigs is on the receiving end of a trash can lid, but his partner comes to his aid and the action is now outside the barricades and around the entrance area. Pierce is holding a War Pig and Everette goes for a running clothesline, but connects with Pierce instead when the Pig squirms away. Pierce is down and a table is set up while the other War Pig removes Everette and Versace from the area to dent a trash can on their bodies. Pierce is set up on the table and the first War Pig goes and gets a ladder apparatus, and wheels it over to the area. He climbs. He salutes. He falls, and Pierce is out. War Pigs. New Champs.

Match 3: Jordan Evans vs Tyson Creed

Rating: 3/5 bows

The Blue Chipper Evans had Everette in his corner, still hurt from the previous match, and as this duo prepped for the match, Creed rushed into the ring, taking Evans out before the bell. Evans rolls out as soon as he can and Creed goes after him, via suicide dive. Back inside, Evans stomps Creed, and slams him into a headlock submission before letting him out just to slam him again. But the second time, Creed was up quick, tossing Evans into the corner for a nasty forearm that knocked Evans down. Creed was back on him quick for a drop kick and then a leg drop. Evans is hurting, but manages to go top rope, sitting for a second dancing and celebrating his next move. Creed was not amused and when Evans finally went for the splash, Creed simply side stepped him, sending Evans crashing down. Headlock forward slam by Creed and Evans is unable to kick out. Creed wins.

Match 4: Mr. Jones vs Eel O’Neal

Rating: 3/5 bows

If you recall, after an unsuccessful tag match last time, Mr. Jones turned on O’Neal, destroying him after the match. Now, these two get to see who’s the bigger man. O’Neal quickly went after Jones, right at the bell, capitalizing on the jump and slamming Jones quite a few times. Jones crawls to the corner to escape and manages to hit O’Neal, but O’Neal quickly tosses him to the corner post and O’Neal is down. Jones slams O’Neal across the ring, the ring post hitting O’Neal in the mouth. O’Neal is dazed and Jones is able to get him into a headlock, gloating with a head stand while O’Neal is flat on the mat. O’Neal tries to come back with a running head slam, but Jones is up quick and O’Neals chest is kicked hard. A mini brawl and Jones rolls out, but O’Neal jumps over the top rope on top of him. The ref counts, both men out and at the last second O’Neal rushes back in, Jones unable to and O’Neal is the victor by DQ.

Match 5: Tim Taylor vs JB Junior vs AK Willis

Rating: 3/5 bows

Triple threat time, and Willis, not respecting his smaller opponents, offered a test of strength that quickly turned into a punch off to Willis. Willis was sent out of the ring and Taylor went for a quick roll up to Junior, but it was entirely too early. A solid exchange followed, and Junior and Taylor shock hands, showing their respect to one another, before Willis broke this up with a slam to Junior. Taylor is sent out of the ring now and Junior does what he does best, goes top rope for a slam. Willis however catches him and sends him into a suplex. Meanwhile, Taylor is back and he’s top rope, setting up for an across the ring move, but Willis shakes the ropes and Taylor is out again. Willis slams Junior and tries to remove his mask and goes into a headlock. Taylor is back in while Junior takes a moment to recover, but Willis power bombs him. Another few moments and Willis has Junior in the corner, but Taylor comes back in and its a triple suplex that sends Junior flying. Another punch off and Willis tries to pin Taylor but Junior is top rope to break up the pin and pins one himself, winning the match.


Rating: 3/5 bows




So, this is a unique to EWA with a five man tag match, each new fall having a new stipulation. And each stipulation isn’t announced until the previous fall. So opponents must be on their feet, never really knowing what can happen next and who might need to be protected til later, given everyone’s talent and move set. And, they get an unexpected competitor with Brian Pillman Jr being in this match. Stipulations are as followed:

  1. Pinfall
  2. Submission
  3. Bagpipe brawl
  4. Rock paper scissors
  5. Defying gravity
  6. No DQ
  7. Casket match

Most stipulations are familiar to wrestling fans and some are…well…new to everyone. I’m not entirely sure what a bag pipe brawl is, and rock paper scissors isn’t exactly wrestling… but hey. Defying gravity was essentially the floor is lava and a casket match is another unique to EWA (only casket match in Maryland!) and the idea is, if you’re in the casket, you’re done.  Pillman started with Mears, getting beat up pretty good til Drake was tagged in to beat up Pillman more. Someone got out and the next pinfall was called. This lead to Pillman getting Kushnir in a headlock. So, someone on the bad guys side jumped in and got him in a headlock. Repeat with the good guy team. Repeat again, until everyone is in the ring in a headlock. Kushnir even grabbed the ref in a headlock until he finally called order and Kushnir tapped. Bagpipe brawl was next and the Grimy Scots enjoyed the music while everyone fought. Mears went after Pillman again, with a four corner back bump and I believe Mears was eliminated after. Next up, Rock Paper Scissors, with Pillman cheating a little to one up Cruz, then using ‘Scissors’ to poke his eyes. Next up, Defying Gravity and the bad guys decided Bush was perfect for this role, as the leader of Gravity and not someone who goes down easily. Pillman got him in in the ropes and then on the other side, so another win was but a push away. But Bush’s entire team rallied behind him, pushing him back a few times before the big man went down. No DQ next and Grizzly was in with his previous tag partner against Pillman and Drake. Chaos ensued when the ref couldn’t keep track of the legal man, and both sides brawled outside the ring. A low blow from Drake to Grizzly lead to an easy pin. Last announced stipulation was a casket match, and Pillman jumped in against the last remaining bad guy Drake. With so much confusion and chaos with everyone fighting ringside to help their man out, Pillman had a bit of trouble getting Drake into the casket. Even Drake’s girl tried to help distract, but ultimately, Drake went in and the good tag men won. Interesting match, definitely different, a little hard to keep order with that man people out, but unique.

Match 7: Saul Esparza vs Bill Ward

Ratings: 3/5 bows

A teacher versus student match of sorts, but its clear Esparza doesn’t respect his elders too much. A brief handshake that was turned into a hold, and Esparza showed he’s ruthless when it comes to wrestling. More technical moves until Ward went on the run, hip tossing Esparza for a pin. Action went outside to the announcers table, but Ward was quick to return the action to the ring, working the leg of Esparza until Esparza decided to choke his opponent out, first with hands then with his singlet. Some kicks in the corner and Ward was hurting, but was able to get an upper cut in. Esparza then used some submission holds, I imagine taught by Ward, to stretch him out a bit. Ward got Esparza into the corner and did some head punches and then a corner near the groin kick, until Jim, who was ringside with Esparza, intervened and grabbed Ward by the head and slammed him on the ropes. Esparza went for a roll up that Ward kicked out of, and he was bent over talking to Jim, when Ward snuck up behind him, but Esparza was aware of his surroundings and got a low blow in. I believe the ref saw it and called for a DQ. JB Junior comes out now and stares down Esparza. These two had a heck of a match last time and Junior came up short. Shockingly, Junior turns on Ward, appearing to be on Esparza’s side and helps attack Ward, masking him with a bag then going top rope. By Syler comes out to a huge pop and stops it, brawling with Esparza and sending Junior running. Jim sees a moment to mask the announcer with the bag. It matches his outfit really well, don’t you think?

Match 8: Sly Scarpone vs Jai Kole

Rating: 3/5 bows

Heavy is the head that wears the crown, but after all this time, Kole isn’t showing any signs of distress. He’s always as cool and confident to each match he’s been in, and fighting his former tag partner didn’t seem to bother him one bit. Holds to start the match until a pop up drop kick by Sly showed Kole it wasn’t playtime. Kole clotheslines Sly out of the ring, but Sly was quick to grab his head and pop him on the ropes. Sly jumped on the apron but Kole knocked him back down again, and jumped out to chop him a few times. Back inside, Sly went for a slam then a pin, but had to know it was too early to get the win. Some top rope action next, but Sly got more damage than he gave, Kole was dominant, but Sly tried top rope again, and was snatched mid air by Kole who slammed him twice. Somehow, Sly got Kole down and went for a headlock, locking it in tight,  and we can see Kole tapping, but his manager was distracting the ref. The managers antics caused a DQ loss to Kole, so Sly wins the match but not the championship. Enraged, Sly hits everyone in the ring and leaves. Despite their new black eyes, Kole stays with his man to celebrate another win.

Match 9: Jesse O’Ryan vs Tjay Sykes

Rating: 4/5 bows

Match of the night. Last show, Sykes came out at the end and destroyed O’Ryan and we knew this wouldn’t end pretty. And it certainly was a hard hitting, amazing match. Sykes comes out, making a beeline for O’Ryan’s wife, who really didn’t want to get involved, but Sykes insisted. And O’Ryan, came out strong and rushed Sykes from the bell, taking him out at the knee. It was on and I don’t think Sykes expected it and spent a few moments regrouping, until O’Ryan went outside the ring. Still underestimating the man, he stood looming over him, until O’Ryan grabbed him by the leg and dragged him down and out of the ring. Outside, they chopped one another, Sykes fully in control by the end, dragging O’Ryan ringside in front of his wife again, and then slamming him on the apron. He tossed him around outside after that before slamming him inside the ring. But O’Ryan was quick int he corner with a kick. But Sykes took him to another corner and tossed him off, gloating to the fans again. An unexpected hurricanrani and Sykes was once again confused as to how he lost control. He gained it quickly again and left O’Ryan hurt in the center of the ring, as he finds a corner and starts tuning up the band…It’s denied and O’Ryan kicks back, starting a super kick party that was so loud. Sykes yelled in O’Ryans face and O’Ryan goes dirty and spits in Sykes face. One more super kick and O’Ryan is down. An insane flip power slam by O’Ryan and the ref is forced to start a count, both men lying motionless. Top rope action by O’Ryan next and the action spills outside again, with O’Ryan taking Sykes out. They end up once again in front of O’Ryan’s wife and she gets a few hits in before the ref is able to stop it. Back inside, O’Ryan climbs the ropes like a madman, hitting a double knee facebreaker, that some how, Sykes kicks out of. So O’Ryan snatches his arm, getting his knee on Sykes back and pulling hard, harder until Sykes has to tap.  O’Ryan retains, and Sykes grabs a mic, telling the crowd he has earned his respect, finally.

What a show! Sykes is a force to be reckoned with, and an amazing wrestler and somehow, O’Ryan got the win. Next show is Friday September 13th. Be sure to check it out.

“Get out of my ring, fat ass” VCW 6/15/2019)

VCW never disappoints, and judging from the sold out ring side crowd, you don’t need me to tell you this. The temple was loud and proud last night for VCW with special guest Scott Steiner. (I know Classic Pro Wresting also had a show, but I can’t be in two places at once…) Super cool to see VCW get so many fans, and even if ring side is sold out there truly is not a bad seat in the house. Don’t miss it next time.

Match 1: Brysin Scott vs Colby Corino

Rating: 4/5 bows

Scott came out first and quickly shut down any ‘who are you chants’, letting fans know he debuted at VCW ten years ago and we should be celebrating his home coming. Corino and Scott locked up quickly, with Corino next calling for a test of strength. Once they were taken down to the mat, they quickly went after each others limbs, Corino going for a pin too early and Scott hoisting the champ up for some chops. Once Corino got away, Scott got him into another corner for a suplex. Another corner, and Scott literally stood on Corino, but Corino was somehow able to bridge up, although I’m not sure that helped the pain much. Scott dominated for a bit here, stopping at one point to blow a kiss to the camera man, which let Corino get up, but Scott quickly kicked his leg, knocking him back down. But Corino wasn’t ready to lay down yet, popping up quickly for a knees to the face power bomb. This just angered Scott, and he went for more chops but Corino jumped up, ready for a moonsault. As he ran towards the ropes, Scott got a burst of energy and also got up, ran over and grabbed Corino off the ropes to slam him as he slid out of the ring. Very impressive looking. Once they got themselves together, a punch off ensued and Corino then went top rope for a power bomb and a knee stomp. Scott couldn’t kick out and the champ retains.

Match 2: Damien Wayne vs Madd Maxx Morrison

Rating: 3/5 bows

Before the match even started, or right at the bell, Wayne knocked Morrison down with a kick to the leg. After some gloating and prancing, Wayne went top rope to elbow drop the man to the finish, but waited too long and Morrison was able to jump up, hit the ropes and knock Wayne down, nuts first on the ropes. As Wayne was reeling, Morrison picked up him for another nut slam to the knee. Wayne was trying to counter, but the pain was too intense and Morrison got another nut slam in before Wayne was able to get up and chop the life out of Morrison. Morrison rolls out, but Wayne follows, grabbing Morrison and enticing fans to hit him. No one would take the bait and a minor ring side brawl breaks out, Morrison getting some chops in, and Wayne chopping the ring post when Morrison darts away. They return to the ring, Wayne’s hand in clear pain and Morrison dominates for a bit, until Wayne is able to trap his opponent in the corner and perform some more chops. Morrison goes top rope for a head butt slam, and as he’s recovering from using his head as a battering ram, Wayne goes to the ref to plead with him. As Morrison approaches the duo, Wayne sneaks in a low blow, grabs Morrison for a pile driver and wins the match.

Post match, he threatens to pile drive Morrison on the hard floor, but somehow security manages to save him.

Match 3: Ken Dixon vs Caleb Konley

Rating: 4/5 bows

Ref knew this one was going to be good as he was holding the men back from the start, with Dixon looking to attack Konley early on. Arm holds on both men until Konley flipped Dixon, and then Dixon went for a quick cover. Test of strength next, and more holds until the attack spilled out of the ring with Dixon setting up to chop Konley, but Konley ducked last second and Dixon chopped the ring post. Dixon was fighting mad at this and went after Konley, trapping him in the corner and then in the center of the ring with head locks and a few well placed kicks to the kidney. Konley was able to stagger up and flip Dixon and then toss him outside the ring so he could suicide dive. Konley was then able to take over the match, slapping Dixon so hard he looked momentarily dazed. A quick roll up by Dixon that was slow counted by the ref lead to Dixon correcting him. To his credit, Ron Mills has the slowest count in the east, so he’s not wrong….Konley took this moment to kick Dixon in the face and then go top rope for a moonsault, but Dixon rolled out. He set up for a corner power bomb that Konley was unable to kick out from. Dixon for the win.

Match 4: Lucky 7 Battle Royale

Rating: 3/5 bows

The lucky 7 battle royale had a bit of a twist, as Neil Sharkey, Sanctuary member, was set to come out and announce the last two entrants live. We all knew it would be Sanctuary members and to the surprise of no one, it was. But this meant the odds were in Danger’s favor, until he was surrounded by everyone and was getting his butt kicked, his Sanctuary members licking their early wounds in the corner. Edwards was a force to be reckoned with, taking on anyone who stepped to him. After softening up Richards, Edwards watched as Simple Safeish tossed him over the top rope, Richards being the first out. Edwards was quickly ganged up on, and was tossed next. A melee between the remaining teams ensued and the Sanctuary members were tossed by Simple Safeish, leaving the odds in their favor. When Livid was away, Danger quickly clotheslined Rodgers out but Livid came to his defense quickly, albeit a little too late. A drop kick and a booty bump and Danger was in danger, until Neil jumped on the apron. His hair line payed for that, as Livid drug him up by his hair, but Danger ran over and dumped him from the ring. I hope he didn’t still have Neil’s hair in his hand…Danger wins, and the Sanctuary celebrates, until they see Livid has stolen Danger’s robe and was doing a little cosplay.

Phil Brown comes out next and we learn he doesn’t have a match tonight, but is curious who the fans would like to see him defend his title to next time. He reminisces on his past rival, Irving Legend and says he’s already put that his in past, but he would always be willing to put him in his place again. Legend runs out, whacks Brown with a roll of quarters (I thought Irving was loaded, he could have hit him with some stacks…) and steals his title. So I guess next time, its on.

Also post intermission we had a proposal! Congrats to Will and Brittany. The couple that goes to wrestling together stays together!


Match 5: Simple Safe-ish vs The Hell Cats

Rating: 4/5 bows

Banks started and dominated the smaller opponent (But Banks is looking trim and putting in work so good on him!) until inviting Griff in to do their patented Pinkie slam on Steve. Jimmy gets tagged in and suffers the same fate, so the boys decide to walk back up the ramp, grab their titles and forfeit the match, waving their opponents off. They come back to the ring, slowly to the 10 count from ref Ron Mills, and take the titles into the ring, attempting to hit their opponents. A swing and a miss and Jimmy gets caught up in a slam. Griff grabs a title from the ring, but Steve is swift to grab it from him ring side, and gets quickly scolded by the ref to get into his corner. Steve and Banks go at it in the ring, while Griff is being knocked down outside the ring. Griff is tossed back in, and is trapped by Jimmy in a headlock. Jimmy then gets him to the ropes and shoves his neck into them with his foot. While the ref counts him away, Steve jumps up and attacks Griff, with Jimmy then coming back and repeating his move on Griff. Steve gets tagged in, and is told by Jimmy to power bomb Griff, but Steve simply cannot. Griff is a big man…But Banks has seen enough and jumps in, clothes lining his opponents, and when the Hell Cats team up to take Banks out, Banks gets them together and clotheslines Steve into a ddt to Jimmy. Banks Money Shuffle slam to Jimmy and Jimmy is out. But Banks hoists him up so Griff can slam and pin but Steve grabs a title and breaks up the pin. The ref calls the DQ and Griffs and Bank win, but The Hell Cats are still tag champs. Post match, Banks and Griff have a brief spat.

Loulies Lounge is next and Loulies is without his usual confidence, as he’s worried about what Scott Steiner will think of all the fatties here in the temple tonight. Steiner told him exactly what he thought of old 44, promising him to call him a fat ass 44 times. Loulies told him the ring was his safe space and he can’t say that. He continued. Imagine that? Steiner then thanked the fans and reminisced about wrestling for WCW and ‘that other company that is failing fast’ at the scope back in the day.


Match 6: Joe Keys vs Gino

Rating: 4/5 bows

Keys comes out, microphone in hand, and tells us, by VCW standards, he doesn’t deserve to be in the main event, despite being an amazing wrestling and being on Ring of Honor 7 times. You see, in VCW, to make it to the top, you just have to kiss ass, like Brandon Scott, according to Keys. Gino interrupted when he’d heard enough, and played up to the fans, until Keys took him out at the knee. He then moved him to a corner, hopped out of the ring and twisted his leg around the post. Back inside, Gino can barely stand and Keys goes after his leg again. The ref finally pulls them apart, but keep in mind, that match has not officially started. George Pantas is called out to assess the situation and it is determined the match can start. Gino can’t stand at first, and Keys goes after his leg once more. But Gino is finally able to get up and tosses Keys into the ropes before Keys again attacks his leg. Gino takes a moment on the apron to rest, but Keys is quick to jump out, and the brawl continues outside the ring. A pin attempt once inside the ring is kicked out, but at a late 2. Keys drop kicks Gino next, and stomps his leg again once he’s down. Gino gets a surge of energy and Keys is now on the offense, but when Gino tries a kick, his leg is too weak to connect and Keys swoops in, knocking Gino down and locking in a figure four. After a painful few seconds, Gino starts to try and reverse it on Keys. He finally manages to flip it, but the hold doesn’t last long. Gino’s leg is just too weak. A pin attempt by Keys and of course the ref slow counts it, at least according to Keys and Mills gets another reprimand. Gino takes that time to gain his footing, and lifts Keys onto his shoulders and starts spinning. Mills takes a foot to the head and goes down. Gino goes for the slam and the pin but the ref is out. He calls for a ref from the back and out pops Damien Wayne. He just watches as Keys takes the momentary confusion to back body drop Gino. Keys now goes for the pin and this time Wayne moves, stealing the ref shirt off Mills and counting, but somehow Gino kicks out. Keys puts Gino on the top rope ready for some chops and a slam but Gino is quick and knocks Keys back. Gino goes for the top rope slam but Wayne shoves Keys aside and takes the fall for him. After a brawl with all three, Gino goes for a pin to Keys and Mills, despite his credentials of a ref shirt, makes the count. Wayne gets up and attacks Gino and the entire locker room explodes from the back to hold the men apart. Wayne escapes and hits Gino once more before the night is over. I think we know who wants a shot at this title next….

Next VCW is July 27th and if this show is any indication, its an event not to miss. And I believe they announced getting Hacksaw Jim Duggan for the next event. Get your tickets now, as this is quickly becoming a sold out event.

Double your Vices, Double your fun! (CRAB Wrestling 6/8/2019)

What a night! I’ve never been to CRAB show, mostly due to location. It’s a bit of a hike for me, being nearly three hours away with DC traffic but wanted to give it a go, in large part due to the venue. Wrestling and beer go together like…. wresting and beer! Crowds are way more into the show usually. And before we go there let me just say… Old Ox Brewery did a fantastic job of serving em up. They had a wide variety of sours, IPAs and my new favorite the Beermosa, which is exactly what it sounds like. And if they don’t have it on tap next time I go, I might cry. Really creative beer and really good. So, if for any other reason than we don’t get booze and wrestling around the local area too much, go for that. But the wrestling! I was blown away at the caliber of talent I’d seen, talent I’d hear of and some brand new never before seen to me talent. Every single match was amazing. Every single one. How often do you get to say that?

Match 1: Capital Vices vs The Ugly Ducklings

Rating: 4/5 bows

Amazing opening with a tag match with local favs Capital Vices and Indy favs The Ugly Ducklings. If you see them on a card and you don’t go, you’re cheating yourself. Money Greene started with some holds and technical moves, probably in an attempt to keep the Ducklings grounded. As soon as they could get some air, Money Greene was taken back, getting slammed hard by both ducklings, before quickly tagging out to Jsin. After a brief stare down, Jsin knocked the smaller man down and tried a power bomb, but that was amazingly countered with a head lock scissor hold. Lance was even able to change positions on the bigger man for a better hold without touching the ground. With Jsin down, both ducklings entered the ring and slammed Lance down on him. Money Greene saw his partner was in trouble and entered the ring and the ref was unable to remove the non legal men, so a four person brawl ensued, ultimately resulting in the grounding of the ducks, as Capital Vices threw Lance out onto his partners. When they finally got back in the ring, Lance as the legal duck, Capital Vices attacked, not letting him get to his corner. As soon as he could tag out, Rob made short work of both competitors, knocking them out of the ring and the ducks then did a double slam. But Capital Vices weren’t done, and were quickly back inside, this time Lance on the attack. As he goes for some corner punches to Jsin, Money Greene sneaks up behind him and they power bomb Lance together. But Rob quickly entered the ring to save his partner and together they get the pin, doing their special finisher of tossing Lance to their opponent from across the ring.

After the match, Capital Vices demands the Ducklings come back into the ring. Coach Mikey is apprehensive but leads then back, and they share a brief exchange of thank yous. And the Ducklings celebrate again.

Here’s just a great shot of their number one fan. Also, this kid gets some more action later in the night…. But…

Next up we see Jon Washington come out, yelling into the already loud sound system that he won’t be wrestling tonight, as last time he was there, Capital Vices slammed him and he’s still having nightmares…. So he tells the amazing Brent Fleenor he wi be taking over his announcing duties. They get into a shout off and finally agree to share the responsibility, Fleenor introducing the good guys and Washington introducing the bad guys.

Match 2: Dame vs Breaux Keller

Rating: 4/5 bows

This match was all new to me, as I’d never seen or heard of either gentlemen, and once again, I was blown away. Dame (Dame Smith on the flyer but he only introduced himself as Dame, which is rather fitting to his flamboyant cocky character) interrupted Washington for doing intro, doing a much better job than Washington did. He said he was here to steal your girl or your boyfriend, before Keller interrupted him to a loud pop from the audience. Brief holds until Keller pantsed (maybe skirted?) Dame, and the match was on. Amazing moves by both Dame and Keller with Keller getting some amazing ups to avoid Dame. Dame rolls out, hiding behind a camera man. Keller tells him to move and when he doesn’t listen, the poor camera man gets a slap upside the back of his head as Dame retreats. Back in the ring, Dame tried to toss Keller out again, but Keller is back with lightening speed, jumping high again to avoid the smaller opponent. Torture rack by Keller to Dame but Dame wiggles out, tossing Keller into the corner for a chop. Keller reverses and chops Dame. Keller grabs Dame and looks to toss him over the top rope onto the hard ground of the brewery, but some how Dame holds on and gets Keller in an arm bar. Being in the ropes however, he doesn’t get much use out of this, as the ref quickly counts to three to break it. Dame scrambles to the top rope, but Keller stops him. Dame doesn’t spot the kick to the chest on his way down…. Dame managed to get up and kicks Keller off the apron (in front of that kid again…. If you’re counting, that’s two wrestlers dang near in his lap so far) and tells the photographer its time for his photo shoot, and begins posing. Keller yells at the photographer, and Dame flies out of the ring. No one interrupts his photo time! They fight, in and out of the ring this time, Keller going hard at Dame, finally putting him away with torture rack turned knee slam.

Match 3: Lady Frost vs Genesis

Rating: 3/5 bows

Ladies match time after the first intermission and we see the Savage Gentlemen escort his lady, Lady Frost, to the ring in a very proper entrance. Genesis came out as a bigger fav here, but Lady Frost was giving off a rather icy stare. Genesis had an early upper hand, with some holds, but Lady Frost was quick to show her who was boss, slamming her harder than I think Genesis was ready for. Frost got Genesis in the corner and kneed her on the face. Frost then took her to another corner and super kicked her. But any pin attempted was kicked out if. Genesis wasn’t out yet. They go at it some more, Frost getting Genesis in the ropes. As soon as the ref breaks the hold, her partner, being ever the gentlemen, grabs Genesis and stretches her some more. A corner back body powerbomb but Genesis still isn’t ready to give up. She gets Frost in the corner, but The Savage Gentlemen hops on the apron for a distraction (after throwing some snow balls at Genesis) allowing Frost to get out of the corner and hitting Geneisis. This would be the three count. And the proper couple celebrates the victory. (I know the last pic is blurry but get you a dude that carries you outta the ring! Super cute if they weren’t super mean)

Match 4: Bobby Sheilds vs Dezmond King

Rating: 4/5 bows

This match quickly dropped out of the ring after a brief series of holds, with Sheilds escaping a chop by King, and King chasing. They both lit each other up before going back inside, and King slamming Bobby after Bobby slammed him into the corner. Standing suplex slam by King to Shields and Sheilds leaves the ring again, but this time when King makes chase he’s caught and slammed on the side of the ring. Ouch. Back inside, Shields gloats before getting King into a headlock. King gets out, tried to grab Shields as he runs up on him but his face meets Sheilds knee first. King tries to come back but Shields has him disoriented into the corner, and then tosses him out. An ugly slam onto the the concrete, Shields then piles chairs onto King. (Remember that kid? He had a front row seat to all this so thats three…) Shields gets into the ring as the ref counts and somehow King gets back before the ten. King is at his fill of this abuse and goes hard at Shields, until a toss outside the ring to Sheilds is denied. King is caught up flat on his back in the center of the ring and Shields slams him, tries to pin but is denied. King gets up, snatching Sheilds up, and goes for a spinning type slam, but the ref gets caught up and takes a hard hit to the knee. Kings pin would have been a three, had she been able to see through the pain. When King goes to check on the ref, Sheilds low blows, and then adding insult to injury, he back body slams king, getting him the slow count pin by the injuired ref.

Match 5: Primetime Wrestling vs Crab Wrestling

Rating: 3/5 bows

8 man tag action next, for bragging rights on which promtion is better. Since we were at a CRAB show, Primetime Wrestling didn’t get a warm welcome. Mickey and Oshay started, and Oshay tossed Mickey around like a rag doll. Hot tags on and out until Eel O’Neal was caught up, unable to tag out. Trapped in the corner, he took a beating until he was able to return the favor to his opponent. But Oneal ended up back in the corner taking more punishment. A slew of great tag action, until we get to this poor kids shining moment. The Artist is inside the ring and Oshay is on the apron, and before anyone can blink, the Artist is knocked into Oshay, knocking Oshay off the apron and right onto this poor kids face. He must have had a target on him all night. A stare down ensues, and mostly I think both sides are greatful Oshay is light on his feet. Oshay gets tagged in, slams Micky and is then slammed himself. Eel gets tagged on, goes for a submission move but forgets the ring is swarming with opponents and takes a kick to the chin. The Artist is in now, getting hammered by his opponets and is down for a ten count. He crawls to his corner looking to tag out. Oshay is the only man on the apron. And as he gets to him, Oshay steps down, flicks off anyone and I mean anyone around him and retreats to the back. The Artist can’t tag out and the Crab opponents nearly murder him with finishers before giving him mercy with a pin. But the Crab team is annoyed with James who kinda stole the pin and they fight their way to the back. Primetime wresting returns, to fire The Artist.

Match 6: Logan Easton Laroux vs Isaiah Frazier

Rating: 4/5 bows

Main event time for the CRAB heavyweight championship and it’s looking to be a good one. Again, Washingtons intro is not up to snuff for Laroux, and he had to do it himself. Frazier, champ, is greeted with lot fan fare, except from Laroux’s personal cheering section, referred to as the ‘one percenters’. Laroux dodges the initial lockup, and Frazier hones in quick for the second one, and they’re off. After a moment of techincal wrestling, Laroux offers his hand to Fraizer. Frazier knows better but goes for the honorable hand shake, only to have Laroux attempt a head slam. Laroux leaves the ring, Fraizer making chase until Laroux is back inside, Fraizer outside and greeted with a boot to the face (also on front of this poor kid. That’s what? Five now?)Laroux quickly goes top rope, and slams Fraizer down. He celebrates, then returns to the ring. Frazier was waiting and gets a few offensive moves in, until Laroux leaves the ring again. He snatches a phone cord nearby and chokes Fraizer with it for a long while til the ref can come outside the ring to break it up. Frazier is taking a beating, but still trying, getting trapped in the corner now. A headlock submission move to Frazier is countered with his own, but Laroux doesn’t tap. Instead he gets up, goes top rope and kicks Frazier hard. Back body slam and Frazier has had it, running the ropes for a clothesline but the two men get caught up and double slam themselves. After a count, Laroux gets up, leaving the ring once again to get a breather. He of course picks the side with this adorable kid, and Frazier slams down on Laroux. (Kid finally moves back a row, telling his dad its too scary up there) Laroux grabs someones beer, chugs it, then spits it in Fraizer’s face. (Better not be the Beermosa. Dont waste that Logan!) Action is all over the arena now, briefly by the one percenters, before a last back and forth, ending in a kick to Laroux that might end him. But as the ref counts, he’s dragged from the ring by the one percenters and they get into it. Suddendly, from commentary table runs Josh Fuller, hitting Frazier in the face with his own title belt. New champ, but we all know he didn’t do it on his own.

Next Crab wrestling event at Old Ox Brewery will be August 3rd. Get a BeerMosa or any of their fine brews and watch some fantastic wrestling. I hope to go back, DC traffic be damned. A really good show, top to bottom.


EPPW in West Va had a random Friday show last night, and we decided to head out, avoid the rain and work to be done in our hometown and check it out. I feel like we’ve been to EPPW before, but I can’t fully recall. So maybe this is our debut? Great card, lotta big matches and THE LOUDEST FANS. The girls next to us were the biggest Robbie Paige fans I’ve ever seen. Anyone around them has irreversible hearing lost for his comeback win due to this adorable kids. If you’re in the area, check it out. If you’re not, make the drive. (There’s actually a casino close by so maybe you’ll win some extra merch money?)

Show started with a ten bell salute to Mike Skills, an EPPW Manager of Champions who recently passed away. 2 Fine Chris Kline sang his praises as his manager and friend, and the entire locker room came out to honor his legacy.


The promoter of EPPW came out, and said he knows his limitations and would like to appoint a new commissioner. Out pops co-owner, Izzy Stoned, with his entourage of Blackhawk and Cline, who says he doesn’t need nor want a commissioner, hes all the manager he needs. The promoter says he’s going to do it anyway, and introduces his new commissioner Doken and Stoned didn’t like it. He points out they don’t even have adequate refs, and Stone offers to ref the main event, between his man Kline and Triple Fears Kevin Mears. The promoter approves and we’re off.

Match 1: Eric Ecton vs Demon of the Deep Sabal with Captain D. Capitate

Rating: 3/5 bows

First official match started with clear fan fav Ecton, alongside a pirate going against Demon of the Deep Sabal. Sabal grabs a mic and says he has a special item that will come into play, and opens a chest that has some sort of Hook hand in it, and I thought he referred to it as Captain D. Capitate. Turns out, that was the pirates name and he has his hook. I wish I knew how, but now, I need Ecton to win so he can get it back to him. What’s a pirate without his pirate hands?!? They lock up and Sabal quickly rolls out, having a brief stand off with The Captain before Ecton begs him back into the ring. Ecton immediately regrets that, as Sabal kills him in one corner, rope drags him to another to body slam him into. Sabal lets Ecton get away, briefly, before going top rope to slam him again. Ecton looks to be hurting, but when Sabal goes to the ropes once again, Ecton is ready and snatches him midair, transiting into a inverted body drop. Ecton knows he has this in the bag and goes to run the ropes but Sabal positions himself behind him for a low blow, without regards to the refs position. Sabal is disqualified and Ecton wins. Being a true demon, he continues the attack after the bell and the Captain rushes in to save his man. However, the temptation of his hook hand is too much, and the Captain turns on Ecton and joins Sabal in the attack.

Match 2: Tyson Creed vs Myles Millennium

Rating: 3/5 bows

Next up is a non title match against Wolfy man Tyson Creed vs Champ Myles Millennium. Creed jumped the bell and attacked Millennium while he is on the ropes eating up the crowd reaction. Millennium rolls out quick to regroup, tossing his belt aside. Creed ends up on the apron after him but Millennium pops back up onto the ring apron to feed him a super kick. Creed is flat on his back in the center of the ring and Millennium drops an elbow. Perhaps Creed should have thought before he acted? Creed is able to come back, trapping Millennium in the corner with his foot on his face for a near five count from the ref, and has to break the hold to gloat. He traps him again in the corner, this time with a drop kick. Millennium is hurting and is unable to counter the next few slams Creed dishes out, all while yelling WOLFY MAN. An elbow to gut to Creed and Millennium is back, escaping to the middle rope for a drop. But Creed is swift to his feet again and beats Millennium down until he ends up outside the ring once more. Millennium is quick and runs the ropes and crashes down on Creed. They both barely make it back inside during the refs count and Millennium is back top rope again for two slams. He goes for a third move, a hurricanrani in the corner but Creed counter to a powerbomb pin, winning Wolfy Man some bragging rights and a win, but no title.

Match 3: Tough Guy Inc and Cory Bush vs Jacob Edwin and Michael Osbourne and Thomas Mathus

Rating: 3/5 bows

Professor Jakob Edwin’s office was setup in the ring next, just in time for his lessons. (Don’t tell anyone the professor was a tad late, I’m sure he had a good academic reason..) Edwin tells us this very stool is what tripped up the big man Cory Bush last time and got him the win. And now, he has a new obstacle for him and invites Bush out. Bush comes out and is eager to see what is hiding under the Professor’s towel and we see a chess board. So, Edwin challenges Bush to a quick game, winner gets bragging rights. They play a quick game and much to the surprise of this fan, Bush wins in 3 moves. Bush then flips the table, scattering chess pieces all over and showing Edwin its time to put up or shut up. Edwin calls out his students from the back and its three against one. But Bush has some friends in all sorts of places and we see Tough Guy Inc, Brutal Bob Evans and Tim Hughes pop out. We’ve got a match!

A melee of one on one until the Professor and his pupils are tossed into each other in the center of the ring and they quickly exit the ring for some communication regrouping. The ref finally gets order and Hughes starts out against Edwin. He yells a bit, with Edwin not sure how to react. He invites his team into the ring and Hughes yells some more, confusing the entire team. They turn their back on him to mock him, and Hughes quickly tags out to Bush, who quickly takes over the yelling stomping act and sends his opponents scattering again. Hughes tags back and attacks Edwin and then Evans gets in and lifts Osborne high above his head various times. Evans tags out to Bush who strong arms his opponents before getting Evans back in, who body slams everyone, including almost the ref, totally by accident. He just got carried away you see….Evans tags to Hughes who is then tossed by Evans into his opponent in one corner. Then tossed into another. Then another. Then Hughes just takes it upon himself to toss himself into his opponents. Evans and Bush retreat to the crowd to watch the smaller man wear himself and his opponents out. They regroup outside the ring and decide they’ve had enough and will leave the match. As they leave, Evans and company go to the curtain and force them back into the ring. Hughes, sadly, pays for this. His opponents trap him on their side and refuse to let him even come up for air or get near his opponents corner for a vicious, lengthily beating. Mathus is tossed onto Hughes and the regroup from that allows Hughes to tag out to Bush, who takes everyone out with clotheslines and slams. With Mathus dead in the center of the ring, Hughes body is used once more to slam him, getting Tough Guys the win. They celebrate with the youngest fan and high fives all around.

Match 5: Mike Guron vs CEO

Rating: 2/5 bows

CEO was knocked down quick by Gurion who instantly attacked his leg. Gurion left the ring to gloat to fans while CEO attempted to stretch the pain out. Guron went back at the leg, getting CEO into a crab submission, with the ref checking but CEO wouldn’t tap. Gurion got caught in a leg lock and was quick to tap. CEO wins.

Match 6: Gavin Jackson vs Robbie Paige

Rating: 3/5 bows

Hard hitting match next and I have to start with another shoutout to the little fans to our right. These two little girls screamed their heads off for Paige and were clearly his number one fans of the night. Early lock up by both men resulted in Paige getting back slammed by Jackson, with Paige then countering into a headlock. It was a solid back and forth by both men, neither pulling any punches, with flips and all over the ring action. Sadly, it looked like Jackson was unable to stand after a few minutes and EMT’s rushed to the ring. Paige, the gentleman, grabbed a mic and said he wouldn’t pin him in this state, instead opting for a rematch when he was at his best. Jackson was assisted outside the ring by EMT’s and lead nearly to the back…before attacking Paige when he had his back turned. Paige took a beating then, mostly from being caught off guard. Paige got slammed one last time, before counting a pin into his own pin. Jackson loses and these adorable kids got a hand slap from their favorite wrestling after he got the win.

Match 7: The Regulators vs Jeremy Grimes and Jason Valentine

Rating: 3/5 bows

Phoenix tag team titles were on the line against the EPPW tag team champs. The EPPW champs had some fire in their corner with a manager there to assist them, while they viciously attacked the bigger mans knees, knocking him down each chance they got. Any tap out checks were ignored and the boys all hung in there until a ten minute time limit draw. We may never know who is the best champ, but we can say for certain, the EPPW tag champs music is sweet. It’s Backstreet Boys.

Match 8: 2 Fine Chris Cline vs Triple Fears Kevin Mears

Rating: 3/5 bows